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Deep CPD at Confer...

Study the mind at CPD, certificate or diploma level in our new postgraduate programme:

Psychopathology: Theory and Practice


This newly created 30 week course will provide professional practitioners of psychotherapy, psychology, psychiatry, psychoanalysis, counselling, creative arts therapies, and related professions with an intensive, year-long study of the field of psychopathology in its many forms, introducing participants to psychological conditions ranging from severe manifestations of psychological illness to the more ordinary neuroses of everyday life.

The programme has been designed to survey not only basic psychiatric knowledge but also the century-long accumulation of psychological knowledge about psychopathology. We hope that by offering an overview of the many possible disturbances of the mind through the lens of the depth psychologies, practitioners will be able to embark upon a serious and carefully constructed examination of the field.

A comprehensive knowledge of the traditional taxonomy of psychopathology will be offered (eg schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders; neurodevelopmental disorders; bipolar disorders; depressive disorders; personality disorders; paraphilic disorders; anxiety disorders; sexual dysfunctions; gender dysphoria; and many more). In addition, these diagnostic categories will be examined with a critical eye, placing them into a historical and cultural framework.


Seminar presenters
Course structure
The course will be divided into three terms which can be attended on different levels:
  • As CPD, attending the lectures and receiving a certificate of attendance OR

  • As a Certificate qualification, attending the lectures with a home study programme OR

  • At Diploma level, attending the lectures with a home study programme and submission of a 5000 word dissertation

Certificate in Psychopathology or a Diploma in Psychopathology                              

Unit One: Basic Psychopathology
A study of the history and theory of psychopathology and some of the major psychoses and other forms of psychopathology that often require institutionalisation and psychiatric interventions

Unit Two: Sub-Clinical Psychopathology
An exploration of forms of psychopathology which are common in our society, and which often become culturally assimilated including personality disorders, addictions, eating problems, sexual issues and criminal behaviour

Unit Three: Developmental and Applied Psychopathology
Different manifestations of psychological suffering across the life cycle, from infant, child and adolescent to old-age psychopathology, as well as psychological illness in many different relational contexts (eg couples, families, groups, organisations, and even among nations).

Pre-Recorded Talks (home study)
Deputy Course Tutors
Senior Course Director

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Core staff

Senior Course Director: Professor Brett Kahr
Director of Confer: Jane Ryan
Course Manager: Cressida Moger
Deputy Course Tutors: Raffaella Hilty and Dr Richard Sherry

CPD level:
£495 (SOLD OUT)

Certificate level:
£1,185 (SOLD OUT)

Diploma level:
£1,895 (SOLD OUT)


The October Gallery
24 Old Gloucester Street

19 September 2019 - 4 June 2020

Thursday evenings, 19:30-21:30