Psychotherapeutic Work with Intergenerational Trauma

Learning Objectives
  1. To recite the different levels of intergenerational trauma: historical or societal trauma, family trauma and traumatic attachments, and how these may interplay between at least 3 generations
  2. To assess and explain how the psychological mechanisms by which traumatic affect is transmitted from one generation to the next, and elaborate at least 2 of these.
  3. To be able to illustrate how intergenerational trauma can manifest in specific psychological vulnerabilities, and to apply this insight to diagnosis and assessment of patients with 1) associations to experiences that they don't remember and 2) how patients describe their parents' personal histories
  4. To plan a psychotherapeutic intervention aimed at breaking the cycles of the past in traumatised families, and describe the stages of this intervention.
  5. To explain the meaning of acculturation, and describe its effects across generations in relation to at least one community effected by displacement, absorption or annihilation
  6. To describe and critique the procedures of at least one method of working with intergenerational trauma, for example family constellations work or psychoanalysis